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Here are links to articles, white papers, powerpoint presentations and much more to inspire you and advance your career. If you have an idea that you think I should consider writing about, or if you’d like to collaborate together on an idea, contact me at


The Fork in the Road: How to Recognize a Good Opportunity, Public Relations Tactics, May 2014.

Discovering What’s Next: Tips for Reigniting the Second Half of Your Career, Public Relations Strategist, Spring 2014.

Raise Your Flag: Writing Your Personal Manifesto, LinkedIn, October 7, 2014

Content Marketing

The Standout Search: Creating Smarter Content to Generate Bigger Results, Public Relations Tactics, June 2015

Generation on the Go: Creating Branded Content for a Sharing Culture, Public Relations Strategist, Fall 2013

Branded Content Should be the Core of your PR Strategy, O’Dwyers Monthly, August 2013 (Note: Send Stephen an email to request this article).

Branded Content: Building Trust into your Online Sales Force, Public Relations Strategist, Summer 2013

The New Curators: Influence and Curation in an Information-Sharing World, Public Relations Strategist, Winter 2013

Branded Content: The New Currency of a High-Tech Information Age. A white paper on why branded content should be at the core of your organization’s marketing strategy, June 2013

Building Your Core Strategy: Technology and Content Converge to Drive Branded Content, Public Relations Strategist, Spring 2013

Data (Big Data, Data Analytics)

Taming Big Data: Start by Asking Customers What They Need, Public Relations Tactics, December 2014


Welcome to Fish Alley, Minnesota Business, April 2011

Generation Z

Move Over Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z: Understanding the ‘New Realists’ Who Are Building the Future, Public Relations Tactics, May 2015


Lessons in Leadership: What You Need to Know, Public Relations Tactics, June 2014

Understanding the Language of Economics is Critical to Communicating Effectively, Public Relations Strategist, Winter 2013

Future Trends

15 Trends That Will Shape How Your Organization Communicates in 2014, Public Relations Tactics, January 2014

Social Media

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn, Public Relations Tactics, November 2013